Graduate works: 

"The dust of centuries"

     The Moon’s mineral resources assimilation. The inter-orbital cargo-only spaceship the Earth – the Moon – the Earth. (2005 - 2006)

     Business-plan: "Commercial exploitation of the Moon’s mineral resources". (2005 - 2006)

Analytical projects:

Analyze of ballistic trajectories in solving the so-called Lambert’s task (2006).

- Development of methodological framework for assessing the effectiveness of international space activities of Russian Federation (2008).

- Analyzing of trends and forecast of the space technology development abroad until 2025 (2008).

- Institutional development of applied space activities in a cross-sectoral collaboration (2009).

- System aspects of the development for the Operators’ Institute of Space means of applied destination (2009).

- Research of practice projects, recommendations for the improvement of the foreign economic activity (2009).

- Theoretical aspects of private and public partnership in the field of space activities (2009).

- Researches of international cooperation features at the international space market for the development of international integration (2009).

- Researches of the problem of an electronic database forming for permanent monitoring of rocket and space industry (2009). 

Current projects:

The new constellation



      The researches of the possibility for a low-orbit satellite constellation forming, in order to create easily perceived visual series, the orbits optimization, maintaining the stability of groups and business case of the project


Other projects:


     The examples of the diploma and course design works made for different institutes and univers. 


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