I was decorated with a medal of Gagarin J.A. for theoretical contribution to Russian cosmonautics. (2006)


медаль им. Ю.А. Гагарина    Удостоверение к медали


Student assessment report (2009):

Cambridge ESOL IELTS:

The Common European Framework (CEF) divides language learners into three levels: A. Basic User, B. Independent User, C. Proficient User

CEF Level NQFLevel City & GuildsLevel London Tests of English TCL ESOLGESE UBELTexam Cambridge ESOL IELTS Cambridge ESOL BULATS Cambridge ESOL BEC Cambridge ESOL General
C1 Level 2 Expert Level 4 Grade 10,11 3.0-3.5 6.0-6.5 75-89 Higher CAE  (Certificate in Advanced English)

This table compares ELT exams according to the CEF levels.

International competitions:

The second place in Robert A.Heinlein “Flight into the Future” contest. Robert A.Heinlein Flight into the Future is a contest of innovational scientific works of the young researchers for economic development of outer space. 

The subject: The assimilation of non-metallic Moon’s mineral resources for perspective thermonuclear fusion on the Earth. (2006)


Призовой диплом конкурса    Сертификат участника конкурса


1999 – 2006:

I was awarded as the best graduate student of Space Systems and Rocketry sub-faculty, according to the graduate project. (2006)

Свидетельство лучшего выпускника

The inscription: “The club of graduates and friends of faculty №6 (Aerospace) Moscow Aviation Institute awarded the title of the best graduate student in year 2006 of sub-faculty 601 to the student from the group 06-615
Zelenskiy Sergey Ivanovich
For implementation of research work: ’The development of the interorbital spaceship the Earth – the Moon’”

The scholarship of Space Systems and Rocketry department


1989 – 1999:

I took an active part in interschool contests and thematic competitions.  

District contests: Drawing - the first place (1995), Geography – the second place (1997), Biology – the third place (1997), Chemistry – the first place (1999).


Sport achievements:

 I won the first place in a complex parachute jumping competition, among sportsmen of Kolomna’s aero-club. (1999)


I was given the first category of skydiving sport (2000). 

Парашютная подготовка

The inscription: “ Sportive characteristic
It’s given to the sportsman of Kolomna’s aero club Zelenskiy Sergey Ivanovich.

Zelenskiy Sergey has gone in for sport on the base of Kolomna’s aero club since 1996. He was taught according to the training program №2 ‘the training of the parachutist’. He has 87 (eighty seven) parachute jumps, with parachutes: D-1-5u, D-5, T-4, UT-15, PO-16 from AN-2 plane, from MI-2 and MI-8 helicopters. There are 70 (seventy) jumps with the free fall lasted from 10 (ten) to 30 (thirty) seconds among them, He made a demonstration landing into water. 

He showed himself as the disciplined and executive sportsman during education, he fulfilled all the instructions given by couches in time and without mistakes.   
The sportsman didn’t have any prerequisites for flight and parachute accidents of their own.
Zelenskiy Sergey performed the standards of the 1st level of skydiving sport.”